Daniel Alecio. Photographer. Videographer. Entrepreneur. Artist.

All images featured here are the work of Daniel Alecio, an up-and-coming wedding and lifestyle photographer from Indianapolis, IN. www.facebook.com/aleciophoto


Meet Daniel:

Hi there! My name is Daniel Alecio. 

I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer and videographer based in the Midwest. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana which will always be home to me. I must say I absolutely love my job and everything that comes with it.

I love to travel and share ideas with other creative minds around the world. Some of my life's greatest pleasures are the people I get to meet, the places I get to go, and the hours & spontaneity of every shoot.

Getting to know my clients and getting to tell their story through a series of images, which have forever encapsulated the rawness of everyday life moments and all those in-between moments, are what drive me and continue to inspire me.

Feel free to check out some of my work. If you like what you see, give me a shout-out & let's talk!